“We’re always striving to add value to our proposition so we talked to our clients and soon realized that a tool that provided meaningful analysis of key tire maintenance information would be of significant benefit to them,” said Mandy Bromley, director, AM Bromley.

TMS Log Graph software generates visual reports of tire performance data logs from all vehicles fitted with a TMS, prompting managers to take appropriate action at the earliest opportunity. Its use demonstrates a serious commitment to protecting the investment made in their vehicles’ tires and ultimately to company productivity.

The TMS Internal Sensor is a robust product and can withstand the most challenging of physical environments, including dust and temperature changes. And re-fitting has been made easier with the incorporation of a rubber toggle system that detaches the sensor from the application patch offering a high degree of versatility.

The TMS Manager, used by managers to monitor individual tire performance, has been updated with improved software to make better sense of the data supplied by vehicle sensors.