The CQM FLEX analyzer has been designed to rapid report a variety of elements.

“Managers, quality control personnel and engineers at power plants and coal mines must minimize variations in coal quality to remain efficient and profitable,” said Kevin Gordon, global marketing manager for prompt gamma neutron activation analysis for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We designed the CQM FLEX to accurately measure, and rapidly report on, levels of sulfur, moisture, total ash, calorific value and many other critical parameters, including ash elemental concentration, improving overall plant productivity.”

As a sampled stream analyzer, the CQM FLEX controls the flow of coal through the analysis zone, providing minute-by-minute elemental data on coal quality, enabling plant personnel to respond quickly to process variations and make corrective decisions. For power plants and coal mines in regions with complex and variable coal quality, the unit is designed to ensure that coal sourced from multiple suppliers is properly blended to meet specifications.