Chinese equipment manufacturer SDLG recently added the G9290 to its range of motor graders. With a base operating weight of 22.9 metric tons (mt) and a 14-ft blade as standard, the impressive productivity of blade down force and blade pull makes the SDLG G9290 the best in its size class.

The size and strength of the SDLG’s new 9290 motor grader make it ideal for haul road maintenance at mines, according to the company.

The robust design of the new G9290 motor grader builds on the proven reputation of the company’s smaller graders — the G9138, G9190 (VHP) and G9220 (VHP) — when it comes to the moldboard, circle turn, drawbar, front axle and rear tandems.

However, the G9290 adds a new level of quality with its Volvo-supplied engine and Volvo-designed transmission. The SD130B Stage II common rail diesel engine offers high torque at low revs from a 211-kW output with variable horsepower (VHP) technology as standard. Meanwhile, the HTE840S transmission, designed specifically for motor graders by Volvo, has eight speed forward gears and four speed reverse gears all with automatic shifting. The engine is cooled by a thermostatically controlled, hydraulically driven fan, which can be reversed simply by flipping a switch in the cab for easy radiator fin cleaning.

The moldboard is kept level at all times by the 16° oscillation on the heavy-duty front axle, 18° wheel leaning and +/-15° oscillation on the rear tandem, ensuring quality, fine grading.

The heavy-duty chain-driven tandem with a no-spin differential lock on the rear axle and heavy-duty bearings, meanwhile, delivers outstanding traction and reliability.

The circle turn, exclusive to SDLG, uses twin-gear hydraulic cylinders to provide instant, high-output torque, enabling moldboard rotation under heavy loads. This means there is no need to stop, reverse and change moldboard angle. Having circle turn gears on the outside of the ring gives the benefit of less mud and debris stuck to the gears and hence less wear, less maintenance and longer durability.

The SDLG circle drive system comes with five support shoes on the G9290 and non-greasing slide bushings for better grading, an extended service life and easier maintenance. SDLG graders also feature an asymmetric drawbar ball stud that can be rotated 180° to keep the drawbar in horizontal level position.

A box-type design on the rear frame offers superior strength and durability, accommodating the drivetrain as well as rear attachments. For example, SDLG offers a parallel rear ripper for the G9290 fitted with three ripper shanks. The ripper frame can also accommodate scarifier teeth if required.

A ROPS/FOPS certified cab ensures the safety of the operator. It is fitted on the front frame of the G9290 in order to reduce vibrations and heat from engine and transmission. Entry and exit can safely be made with three-point contact all the way. The cab is fitted with LED work lights to ensure safe operation even in the absence of daylight.

With large openable doors at the side and at the rear, the G9290 provides excellent access to all the main maintenance points. For convenience, all filters are grouped together on the left side of the engine. The extensive SDLG dealer and service network ensures that customers always receive excellent support and reliable backup.