Maxbolt Load Indicating Fasteners can reduce downtime, premature wear, and catastrophic joint failures, according to Valley Forge & Bolt. An extremely accurate and durable load-monitoring device is inserted into each fastener. At a glance, technicians will know when proper load is achieved. During operation, technicians will know if load ever falls out of spec on any bolt, addressing the need immediately instead of waiting for critical equipment failure.

Now, even inexperienced operators can assemble complex bolted joints with uniform clamp loads within +/-5% of design specification. With Maxbolts, measurements are based on tension, the inaccuracies of torque control are eliminated, ensuring optimum initial conditions before an assembly is placed into service, according to the company.

Once in service, Maxbolts provide monitoring to warn users of initial relaxation and any subsequent loosening during operation. Custom Maxbolt labels can show desired operating ranges using a green zone or pinpoint precise clamp load values. The Maxbolt Load Indicating System provides safety and reliability in a bolted joint, acting as a constant barometer of the integrity of the bolted joint and providing an added degree of safety.