The Extended Life (XL) fittings and couplings feature an extra ¼ in. of lining, which extends the service life by up to three times compared to standard rubber-lined fittings. This reduces the need for scheduled maintenance. XL fittings maintain the same inner diameter (ID) dimensions as standard fittings to provide uninterrupted, full flow capabilities without restrictions. To accommodate the slightly larger outer diameter (OD) of these fittings, two new patented coupling designs were developed. The XL77 flexible coupling joins an XL fitting to OGS (original groove system) grooved-end pipe. The Style XL79 flexible coupling directly joins two XL fittings. The fitting design reduces the gap between pipe ends for pipe-to-fitting and fitting-to-fitting connections to reduce leading-edge wear and further extend the life of the fittings. XL fittings are available as 90° and 45° long-radius elbows in 1½D and 3-D configurations. They can replace standard elbows with no change to pipe length required. XL couplings must be used with XL fittings to complete the joint. XL fittings and couplings are available in 3- to 12-in. sizes and are rated up to 1,000 psi.