Caterpillar partnered with Guardhat on developing Cat Connected Worker, a system that uses wearables to track workers. The system will deliver event-based monitoring and mapping for analysis purposes, and will be equipped to detect, alert and help prevent incidents.

Connected Worker will provide the precise location of workers, in near real-time, and will allow communication between individuals, teams and sites. The data collected will enable monitoring personnel to understand the environment workers are facing in near real-time, which will facilitate decision making, Cat reported.

That data can also be used in worker safety and productivity programs, Cat said. It will “provide insight that will enable managers to create safer operations, and to respond quickly if an incident does occur,” Bill Dears, marketing manager, Cat MineStar Solutions, Caterpillar, said.

Connected devices in the Guardhat line include hardhats, personnel tags, asset tags and smartphones. The system is Wi-Fi and cellular compatible.

The partnership will speed the development of the system, Cat reported.

Connected Worker will be supported by Cat dealers, who will be equipped to supply Guardhat technology to surface mining operations of all types.