The Ridgeline Fluids Analysis detects problems before they occur. The program provides a comprehensive analysis of equipment’s used oil/fluids every time the fluids and lubricants are changed. This provides critical insight into the equipment’s performance trends, as fluids analysis explains the engine’s performance level over time. Going beyond just oil analysis, Ridgeline also offers coolant, fuel and diesel exhaust fluid analysis — all from a user-friendly app and website. 

Maintenance technicians will ship four-to-six ounces of the used oil or fluid to the Ridgeline laboratory in a QR code-labeled test tube for the analysis of over 25 analytes to detect wear and contamination and determine fluid condition. The test tube can be tracked and labeled in the app, where results will be shared. The program delivers a time-sensitive 24- to 48-hour turnaround time and provides a quick and accurate trend analysis.