Johnson Controls launched the Ansul N-101 Clean Agent Vehicle Fire Suppression System, which is specially designed to protect energized electrical equipment inside unoccupied electrical cabinets onboard heavy industrial vehicles.

Using nitrogen, the solution leaves no residue or byproducts. The discharge will neither damage electrical assets or require cleanup, the company said.

“With an operational range of -54°C to 99°C, a simplified single-tank, single-nozzle design and heavy-gauge steel bracket construction, the system is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions found in rugged industrial environments,” Johnson Controls said. “The system’s nitrogen cartridge is equipped with an electric-pneumatic actuator and is available in two sizes, 0.65 m3 and 1.56 m3.”

The system uses a hydraulic hose distribution line and 360° nozzle, which enables it to flood the electrical enclosure quickly and efficiently, and reduce oxygen content, even when openings are present. It can be used with Ansul Checkfire detection and actuation systems.