The newest capabilities of Carlson DrillGrade 6.0 enable users to:

  • Design holes from the office or in the field with an easy-to-use interface;
  • Easily drill to contours/seamline;
  • Choose from both vertical and angle drilling options;
  • Export PDF drill reports directly from the machine;
  • Import and/or export IREDES files;
  • Directly import DXF and DWG files all on the machine with no conversion necessary;
  • Have unlimited strata logging ability;
  • Get quick support and transfer files using the CBx5 built-in 3G cellular modem; and
  • Get remote display control on any tablet computer with an added wireless router.

“With its many, and easy-to-use, options for designing and monitoring, our DrillGrade System leads to greater accuracy and increased safety,” said Randy Noland, vice president and director of machine control for Carlson. “The system then dramatically lowers costs because accurate drilling equals better blasting, which in turn equals better fragmentation, leading to lower downstream costs.”

The Carlson Drill Grade System promotes safety on the site by keeping the operator in the cab and out of harm’s way, thanks to the system’s stakeless drill pattern layout. In addition, the DrillGrade System has both audio and visual alarms to alert operators of avoidance zones. Alarms are triggered if a proximity zone is breached.