The MicroLab is a multicomponent analyzer used for engine, generator, gearbox, power steering and transmission fluids. It is offered in two versions — the MicroLab 30 provides key properties for oil chemistry, kinematic viscosity and concentration of 10 wear and contamination metals. Additionally, the MicroLab 40 version offers an increase to 20 wear, contamination and additive metals along with the addition of a particle counter for analyzing gear and hydraulic oils.

The programmed expert system of the MicroLab combines equipment information, analysis results and a proprietary database of more than 20 years of oil analysis rules to provide the user easy-to-understand reports that include color-coded alarm limits and diagnostic statements of recommended maintenance actions. The test data can be printed or wirelessly transmitted to the company’s LubeTrak data management and storage software to track and trend the key oil parameters necessary for optimizing asset health and utilization.