Conuma Coal Resources announced the replacement of a fleet of haul trucks at its Wolverine mine with five new Komatsu electric 830E-5 models supplied by SMS Equipment Inc. Conuma is a Canadian metallurgical coal producer with more than 950 employees and three surface mining operations near Tumbler Ridge in northeastern British Columbia, Canada.

Based on comprehensive engineering and financial analysis, Conuma determined that the deployment of new Komatsu 830E-5 haul trucks at Wolverine would increase production at the mine, largely due to the improved overall availability of the Komatsu electric-drive haul trucks. Contributing factors include easier maintenance and higher durability. The 830E-5s are also quieter and more fuel-efficient than the existing haul trucks, according to the company.

John Schadan, Conuma president, said, “Conuma is confident that we have chosen the right partners for results with Komatsu equipment and SMS Equipment’s parts, service and support. Their proven results and experience speak to the quality of their products and service.”

The first 830E-5 was released to the mine at the end of August, and the remainder will be delivered over the next two months. The trucks complement existing equipment that SMS Equipment supports on Conuma’s mine sites. “SMS Equipment is committed to working with Conuma through the long-term to ensure full support, resulting in maximized uptime and availability of their Komatsu fleet,” said Dennis Chmielewski, executive vice president of mining at SMS Equipment.

Daniel Funcannon, vice president and general manager, Mining Division, at Komatsu said, “We are honored to have our trucks supporting Conuma’s Wolverine mine operation and are excited to help the mine realize its operational targets by providing consistent quality and reliability.”

The Komatsu 830E-5 electric truck leads the 250-ton class market with its proven durability and reliability. Powered by a 2,500 HP Komatsu SDA16V160 engine, the drive system provides efficient transfer of power to the ground while realizing low fuel consumption and excellent reliability.