Conveyor belt mis-tracking or mis-alignment is a major concern for many mining companies and power plants. Conveyor belt mis-tracking can cause a number of problems including conveyor belt rubbing against structural components; MSHA violations; premature conveyor damage and component failure; mis-tracking around the tail pulley will cause off-center loading; off-center loading will cause constant belt training problems on the troughing/carry side of the conveyor belt; material spillage due to mis-tracking in the loading areas; and constant cleanup/housekeeping problems due to not being able to property seal/skirt the loading area. The solution has been to install a Tru-Trainer belt tracking idler before the tail pulley to ensure the conveyor belt is square over the tail pulley and throughout the loading area. The Tru-Trainer employs a patented and highly effective tracking action which is non-damaging to the belt and reacts immediately if the belt begins to drift off center. Because it does not rely on contact with the belt edge in order to guide the belt, belt edge damage which occurs frequently with other tracking systems, is avoided.