On Friday, May 31, the Queensland government approved Adani Enterprise’s management plan for an endangered bird at the site for a controversial coal mine, leaving only one more permit before construction can start on the project.

India’s Adani has been working for a decade to obtain approvals to develop the Carmichael mine in the remote Galilee Basin, but the process has been slow.

“The Department of Environment and Science (DES) approved Adani’s black-throated finch management plan,” the Queensland regulator said. “DES has met regularly with Adani to ensure that the plan is robust and is well-placed to deliver the best outcomes for the protection of the black-throated finch.”

This approval leaves just one permit outstanding, which relates to the management of a sensitive groundwater source. That is expected to be issued by June 13, according to Adani.

Adani has faced difficulties obtaining finance for the mine and accompanying rail project.

Voters returned the ruling Liberal-National coalition to power in an Australian election this month, renewing momentum for the project.

A local conservation group condemned approval, saying in a statement that “Australians should be alarmed by this decision.”