Hitachi announced an agreement with Australia’s largest independent coal miner, Whitehaven Coal to collaborate on the design and implementation of an Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) to support the company’s mining operations in North West New South Wales. Whitehaven had previously announced its intention to operate an autonomous fleet at its Maules Creek coal mine.

The collaboration between the two companies will entail scoping the delivery and commissioning of phased AHS deployment for the fleet of Hitachi EH5000AC3 trucks at Maules Creek and the establishment of the physical and technological infrastructure to support AHS capability.

Various technologies from Hitachi contribute to the complete AHS Solution, including the fleet management system by Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd; Hitachi’s Smart Mining Truck with the Advanced Vehicle Stabilization Controls using Hitachi robotics, AC motor and drive control unit technologies; blockage management system from railway business; and sensing technology and navigation system cultivated in the automobile industry.