“In line with our strategy of increasing production at the Stockton Colliery, we purchased the Liebherr excavator and anticipate that it will have a positive impact on our production capacity and help reduce our cost base going forward,” said Steve Best, director, Atlantic Coal. “This is a significant step for the company especially when viewed in conjunction with our recently announced agreement with U.S. coal marketing company Xcoal, which provides a potential buyer for up to half of our annual output, opening up international markets for our anthracite.”

Increasing production at Stockton is a key focus for the company. The site, mined at various times from the 1900s, has an abundance of high quality anthracite in close proximity to the surface. The equipment was ordered following the implementation of a new mine plan to develop the current 4.2-million-ton reserves, with the intention of raising production levels to 400,000 raw tons per year.