The Sandvik, previously Voest-Alpine, Models ABM20 and ABM14 Continuous Bolter Miners utilize the Model ABM20 remote control system, which had been filed under Intrinsically Safe evaluation No. IA12782.

The ABM20 continuous bolter miner (federal approval No. 2G-3964A) is only approved for use with the Model ABM20 remote control system; since the Model ABM20 remote control system is no longer approved, mine operators must obtain field approvals to use other remote control systems with their ABM20 continuous bolter miners, or the machines must be removed from areas of the mine where permissible equipment is required.

The ABM14 continuous bolter miner (federal approval No. 2G-4022A) is in compliance when used with the Model ABM14 remote control system, officials said.

MSHA confirmed that Sandvik representatives have been working with its technical support specialists to ensure that the correct version of Rexroth solenoid Model GE-35-2-A (Intrinsically Safe evaluation No. IA21884) is used on their Model ABM14 and ABM20 remote control systems. The Model ABM14 remote control system has been updated and is in compliance with its approval specifications (Intrinsically Safe evaluation No. IA17288).

“Sandvik has chosen not to update the approval documentation for the Model ABM20 remote control system since none of these devices are purportedly used in the United States,” the agency said in a public information bulletin (PIB) released August 6. “Therefore, they have requested that the approval for the Model ABM20 remote control system be revoked.”

MSHA said that replacements for Model ABM20 remote control systems are not available from Sandvik. If mine operators choose not to request a field modification approval to use a different approved remote control system, they may consult with their mining machine approval holder for other approved options.

Mine operators that encounter difficulty in replacing the Sandvik Model ABM20 remote control system should contact MSHA Technical Support for assistance at (304) 547-2046.

For more information on the revocation, see PIB P14-06.