Elk Run was selected for the award for working to better the local community. Employees gave both their time and resources to help their neighbors. They helped Sherman High School in Boone County, West Virginia, put up a new scoreboard for the football field and they helped update classrooms for the disabled at Sherman High and Elementary schools. Elk Run also donated labor, equipment and materials to repair the softball field at Sherman High, and they provided equipment, labor, and materials to build a press box and concession stand for the football field.

Elk Run has helped provide more than 5,700 weekend food bags to community school children, along with more than 30 travel bags containing hygiene items, and 400 smile bags that included needed items of clothing.

Elk Run Coal and its employees also:

  • Hosted a community Christmas party for underprivileged children;
  • Gave away hams for the holidays;
  • Participated in “Read to Me” days at local schools;
  • Purchased 10 Kindle Fires for an awards ceremony at Sherman High;
  • Participated in judging science fairs and reading fairs; and
  • Provided catering services for Sherman Junior High’s Honor Society dinner.

In addition, Elk Run helped finance a project to provide city water to the community of Blue Point, near Whitesville. Elk Run’s investment helped cover the installation of water lines from Route 3 to all Blue Point residents. Elk Run’s most extensive contribution and ongoing project has been to assist in tearing down the old Sylvester Elementary School and gymnasium and turning the space into a covered community shelter. Future plans include turning the grounds into a community park.

Elk Run Coal Co. employs 530 people in five deep mines, two belt mines, and a preparation plant, all located in the Sylvester and Whitesville communities of Boone County, West Virginia.