Over the past 18 months, Immersive Technologies has been collaborating with some of the largest mining companies to develop a Mine Standards Training program to improve the supervision and coaching of heavy equipment operators via improvement of supervisor proficiency. “Gone are the days where it takes a full year for a supervisor to be exposed to all types of weather, traffic, loading and digging conditions,” said Cian Dobson, visual database manager for Immersive Technologies. “This exposure and skills development can now be accomplished by immersing the learner into a replicated 3D mining environment through VR (virtual reality) and touchscreen technology.”

The Mine Standards Training tool is dynamic, offering users the option to operate in VR via Immersive’s Worksite VR Quest platform or on an interactive classroom touchscreen. These options leverage current simulation assets to create content such as drilling and blasting, ground engagement tools, supervisor training, pit priority rules, and more related situations.

“We are excited about the real value our customers are already realizing with the improvement of supervisor skills,” Dobson said. “We help them create realistic simulations in Mine Standards Training of both perfect and flawed operator behavior requiring the user to identify the deviations from best practices. This capability is helping transform existing flat content training programs to ones that are engaging and have higher levels of learner engagement and knowledge retention. The content is highly realistic and will improve the learning experience for both experienced and inexperienced users.”