Weir Minerals’ Isogate WR knife gate valve incorporates the latest advances in design and materials technology, making them more reliable, while producing minimal fluid discharge and weighing considerably less than equivalent mining valves.

“Drawing on decades of wear analysis, we’ve optimized the Isogate WR knife gate valve’s body design,
by reinforcing the areas subjected to the harshest wear and pressure. At the same time, we’ve reduced the weight elsewhere to produce a robust, long-lasting mining valve that’s significantly lighter than comparable products,” said John Abbott, global product manager, valves and tailings. “The weight reduction can be especially significant in situations where a number of valves are used on a specific installation, such as in a hydrocyclone cluster or where lightweight piping systems are used.”

The gate has also been redesigned, with stronger materials resulting in a thinner gate that can still withstand the pressure of mining slurries. This combines with the valve’s unique gate guide that reduces deflection by ensuring smooth gate movement and less stress on the sleeve elastomer during blade transition.