c3controls recently launched an upgraded line of IEC Pilot Devices, with the new Series GT directly replacing the 22-mm IEC Pilot Devices-Series B products. The IEC pilot device line features pilot lights, push buttons, selector switches and E-Stops, with a wide range of variations and options available within each product group. All new Series GT products are completely cross-compatible with the discontinued Series B products, all while keeping the same mounting and assembly dimensions and specifications, as well as part numbers and list prices.

The design enhancements include a more robust operator bracket, a new 4X chrome-plated bezel option, modernized aesthetics, increased color vibrancy on push button caps, and reinforced internal components on all selector switches. These pilot devices are used in a wide range of industrial application for equipment or machinery that is controlled electrically.

“The new IEC pilot devices provide premium performance without the premium price,” said Aaron Veness, c3 product engineer. “We listened to feedback from customers, and made both aesthetic and performance enhancements that provide machine builders and end users world-class products built with the ultimate in craftsmanship.”

The one-piece bracket design offers a more secure contact-block-to-operator connection, simplifying installation and providing end users further confidence that the devices are built to last. As an option to the standard polyester bezel, the chrome-plated bezel provides the durability and corrosive resistance needed for Type 4X applications, including those outdoors and in harsh environments. The modernized aesthetics and increased color vibrancy match the appearance of today’s modern equipment, and a smoothened profile increases space to more flexibly customize product markings on the push button operators.