The coupling can be installed up to 10 times faster than other pipe-joining methods and twice as fast as existing grooved couplings. Featuring Installation-Ready technology, the Style 177N does not require disassembly prior to installation, eliminating loose parts. The coupling is pushed onto a grooved pipe-end as a fully assembled unit, connected to a second grooved pipe-end, and tightened using standard hand tools or an impact wrench. The gasket’s integral central leg serves as a pipe stop, ensuring full pipe insertion, and metal-to-metal bolt-pad contact provides visual confirmation of proper assembly.

The flexible coupling permits a limited amount of linear and angular movement at the pipe joint to accommodate expansion, contraction and deflection. It is available in 2- to 6-in. sizes and accommodates pressures ranging from full vacuum up to 1,000 psi. The coupling is supplied with a grade “EHP” EPDM gasket for water services or grade “T” nitrile gasket for air services.