The new D11T and D11T CD elevate that standard with design refinements that include Enhanced Auto Shift, Dynamic Inclination Monitor, automatic climate control and available automated ripper control. The D11T and D11T CD’s 850-net horsepower Cat C32 engine can work fuel efficiently anywhere in the world, and with blades ranging in capacity up to 57 cubic yards and operating weights up to 248,456 lb, the D11T and D11T CD can work productively in the toughest of materials.

The C32 engine with ACERT technology is configured to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards for those geographical areas requiring a high degree of emissions control. For less regulated areas, the engine will be configured to meet U.S. EPA Tier 2 equivalent emissions standards.

The Tier 4 Final configuration employs the Cat NOx Reduction System, which captures and cools a small volume of exhaust gas, then returns it to the combustion chambers to lower temperatures and retard formation of nitrogen oxides. A Diesel Oxidation Catalyst uses oxidation, a chemical process, to condition exhaust gases to meet emission standards.

A new cooling package uses a two-part radiator with aluminum bar-plate cores that contribute to durability, efficient heat transfer and corrosion resistance. The new oil-to-air hydraulic-oil cooler uses similar construction, and a hydraulically variable demand fan uses less power, reduces fuel consumption and lowers sound levels.

New for the D11T and D11T CD is the Enhanced Auto Shift (EAS) system, designed to conserve fuel by automatically selecting the optimal reverse gear and engine speed, based on load and desired ground speed. When the EAS mode is not activated, an Auto Downshift feature automatically changes gears to most efficiently handle loads.

A spacious, well-appointed cab features single-joystick blade control, fingertip steering, automatic climate control and Cat Comfort Series seats that now are available with a heated and ventilated option.

A new Dynamic Inclination Monitor provides a readout of tractor pitch angle and side-to-side slope angle, and Automated Blade Assist Control uses preset blade-pitch positions to simplify positioning. An optional Autocarry system automatically controls the blade during the carry segment.

A new operator presence system locks out the power train and hydraulic system to avoid unintentional machine movement when the operator is entering or leaving the cab, which can be done via an optional hydraulically actuated access ladder that deploys and stores in seconds.

An optional sound-suppression package reduces average spectator sound levels for the benefit of both the operator and the surrounding environment.

The D11T and D11T CD feature an “OK-to-Start” system that electronically checks critical fluid levels. Routine maintenance is facilitated by easily accessed filters, an optional automatic lubrication system, high speed oil change for engine and power train systems, and ecology drains for capturing fluids for proper disposal or recycling. A fast-fill fueling system incorporates a positive shutoff to prevent spills.