Mining suppliers and service providers plan to showcase the latest in mining and  mineral processing equipment and technology

by steve fiscor, editor-in-chief; carly leonida, european editor; jennifer jensen, associate editor; and

jesse morton, technical writer

A little more than a year ago, the National Mining Association (NMA) announced it was postponing MINExpo INTERNATIONAL, the world’s largest mining trade show, for a year due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. A lot has taken place since then. At the time, many essential businesses, which included mining and the companies that supply the mines, were learning to adapt operational practices to continue with business while at the same time supporting local communities. Borders were closed and some regions were locked down to slow the spread.

Social distancing and mass vaccination efforts eventually slowed the spread as the pandemic started to recede. Business travel in the U.S. has restarted with conditions and the NMA’s decision and timing now appear prudent. Las Vegas reopened with its first major trade show, World of Concrete, in June. Likewise, the largest in-person mining event in 16 months, Elko Mining Expo, took place during June and it was also well-attended. All signs from that event indicate that people are looking forward to meeting again face-to-face.

MINExpo 2021, which takes place September 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, may be the mining industry’s opportunity to shake off the COVID-19 blues and get back to business. In addition to rekindling acquaintances, it will be a prime opportunity for mining professionals to learn about new equipment and different methods of improving safety and efficiency.

More than 1,100 exhibitors are planning to participate in MINExpo 2021. The question is: Will three days be enough to cover more than 660,000 ft2 of exhibit space? In an effort to optimize the experience, Coal Age reached out to exhibitors to get a sneak peek of what they have planned. What follows is a compendium of those efforts.

In addition to the electric drive 794 haul truck AC (above), Caterpillar’s MINExpo display will also include an electrically powered LHD and dozer.

Caterpillar (C-6229)

Those who have attended past MINExpo’s know that Caterpillar occupies the largest space in the Central Hall. The theme of Caterpillar’s MINExpo 2021 experience, “Together, we’re mining better,” celebrates the company’s partnership with mines and the ways it assists customers to mine more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably. This year, the company’s 5,124-m2 (55,000-ft2) exhibit will feature a broad range of product displays, new equipment introductions, previews of what the future holds, and remote operating stations.

The exhibit will be grouped under three specific core areas: environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and sustainability; technology and automation; and equipment lifecycle management solutions.

“After waiting an extra year, the mining industry is ready to reconnect at MINExpo. We are excited to show our customers and the industry the advancements Caterpillar has made not only in equipment, technology and services, but also in how we are helping customers mine more sustainably,” said Cat Resource Industries (CRI) Group President Denise Johnson.

Cat said it will unveil the world’s largest, most powerful and efficient electric drive dozer with high drive. The new Cat D11 XE dozer will be the most advanced, lowest emission-per-ton dozer in the industry, built to deliver the lowest cost of bank cubic meters (BCM) ever. Exhibited alongside the D11 XE, the new Cat D10 dozer offers up to 4% less fuel consumption than the previous model, up to 3% more productivity with high-horsepower reverse and up to 6% more efficiency with combined load-sensing hydraulics and stator-clutch torque divider.

Cat will also introduce a new 992 wheel loader that delivers up to a 32% increase in productivity. It reduces maintenance costs by up to 10% and has demonstrated in field testing up to 48% greater payload-per-fuel efficiency in applications where a four-pass match to 90.7-mt (100-ton) trucks was achieved versus five passes with the 992K.

MINExpo will be the first opportunity for many attendees to learn more about Cat’s recently introduced MineStar Edge. It brings visibility to the entire mining operation to show how activities early in the process impact those further down the value chain. MineStar Edge makes it possible to measure, manage, analyze and improve the entire mining operation.

Equipped with MineStar Command for hauling, the new Cat 777G Water Truck provides a glimpse into the future for autonomously lowering dust levels at the mine site while maintaining haul road safety. Featuring the market’s first autonomous water delivery system, the machine integrates truck, tank and sprayer and knows where and when to water haul roads.

Representing the Caterpillar fleet of autonomous trucks, the displayed Cat 794 AC electric drive will be factory-installed with Cat MineStar Command for hauling. Recently, autonomous trucks using Command for hauling surpassed 3 billion mt of material hauled.

Accurate to the centimeter, the exhibited Cat MD6310 rotary blasthole drill offers technology, efficiency, safety and productivity improvements. Fully integrating Caterpillar’s proven components and systems, including technology and automation, the drill is capable of up to 42,149 kg (92,922 lb) of bit load and targets 203- to 311-mm (8- to 12.5-in.) hole diameters.

Exhibiting how technology can improve safety at the mine site, the Cat MineStar Detect Driver Safety System (DSS) display details how the system monitors eye-closure and head pose to alert the driver via seat vibration and/or audio alarm the moment fatigue or distraction is identified. DSS has been shown to reduce 97% of the most significant fatigue events, 80% of average fatigue events and 91% of distraction events.

Highlighting Caterpillar’s rebuild services capability, the rebuilt Cat C175-16 engine, which produces up to 2 550 kW (3,420 hp), will be on display reduces overall owning and operating costs.

Team members will also be available to explain to attendees how MineStar Health maximizes equipment availability and reliability by connecting the machine to the office. The service assists with proactive maintenance services and predictive equipment analysis by collecting equipment data, monitoring critical machine parameters, obtaining real-time alerts, analyzing operational trends and patterns, predicting failures and receiving repair recommendations.

Komatsu will display the WE1850 Gen 3 wheel loader, which uses switched reluctance hybrid drive technology.

Komatsu (C-7027)

Komatsu will focus on “creating value together” in its 48,000-ft2 booth at MINExpo 2021, where the company plans to unveil its latest solutions for surface and underground mining operations.

“MINExpo provides the perfect opportunity for industry leaders to collaborate on new ways to extract essential minerals at this critical time for our society,” said Jeff Dawes, president and CEO of Komatsu Mining Corp. and chairperson of MINExpo 2021. “Supporting our customers’ path forward with new solutions that leverage digitalization, electrification and automation is crucial to our role as an essential provider to the industry, and we look forward to sharing these innovations developed in partnership with today’s mines.”

The company’s latest haulage concepts, designed to prioritize customers’ desire to reduce emissions and for autonomous haulage solutions, will be on display; revealing Komatsu’s future vision for power agnostic haul trucks and autonomous haulage retrofits for existing equipment. Komatsu will also preview future capabilities for remote operation of equipment featuring hydraulic excavators and autonomous haulage.

Other new Komatsu solutions designed to advance more sustainable mining methods that will be on display include:

WE1850 Gen 3 surface wheel loader with proven SR (Switched Reluctance) hybrid drive technology;

ZR122 surface blasthole drill with automated features; and

Battery hauler for underground mining powered by lithium-ion battery technology.

Created with input from customers around the world, the company’s latest equipment, service and technology solutions are designed to simplify tasks, streamline processes and — ultimately — help optimize customers’ entire enterprise. Recognizing that the path forward will not look the same for every operation, Komatsu is here to support customers at each stage of their journey toward a more sustainable future. Company representatives will be available in the booth to consult with attendees and collaborate on new solutions.

Located in Central Hall C3, the Komatsu stand will debut the company’s unified and expanded mining offerings, with additional solutions highlighted at neighboring booths for Modular Mining (Booth C-7671), a Komatsu technology brand, and Immersive Technologies (Booth C-7583) and Hensley Industries (Booth C-5401), all Komatsu subsidiaries.

In addition to other heavy equipment, Liebherr will display the 70-mt PR 776 70 dozer with the LiReCon teleoperation system enabed.

Liebherr (C-7627)

Using more than 28,000 ft2 (2,600 m2), Liebherr will showcase its latest innovative equipment, technology and services for the mining industry. The R 9150 Generation 7 (G7) 130-metric-ton (mt, 143 ton) excavator, the next generation of excavator cab from the recently announced R 9600 G8, the PR 776 70 mt (77 ton) mining dozer with Liebherr Remote Control (LiReCon) teleoperation system, the newly introduced T 274 305-mt (336-ton) haul truck along with a display from Liebherr Components, and the LRT 1090-2.1 90-mt (100-ton) rough terrain crane. The company said they would also make some, exciting announcements from their new technology portfolio, including pathway forward for low- and zero-emission mining.

Attendees will be able to interact with new technologies through a virtual reality (VR) booth, and discover Liebherr’s technology at the daily masterclasses held with Liebherr experts. Fans and customers who cannot attend in person will not miss out; all exhibits, announcements, and showcases from the expo will also be delivered on Liebherr’s website and social media channels.

Liebherr will introduce three new excavators at the show: the R 9150 Generation 7 (machine showcased on the booth), the R 9200 Generation 7, and the brand-new R 9600 Generation 8 (cabin showcased on the booth). These three machines establish the new naming strategy based on technology levels for Liebherr machines. All three excavators are now equipped with the latest innovations including Liebherr Power Efficiency, Assistance Systems, and Bucket Filling Assistant (BFA).

LPE (Liebherr Power Efficiency) is a specific engine and hydraulic management system, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%. Assistance Systems are advanced on-board applications designed to support the operator to become more efficient through analytics and actionable insights. Assistance Systems will be presented physically in the R 9600’s cabin and on tablets displayed on the booth. Visitors can also discover the Assistance Systems through an immersive experience in the VR area. BFA is the first automation product for Liebherr’s hydraulic excavator portfolio, and allows the operator to realize the bucket filling process automatically.

The T 274 haul truck bridges the gap between the T 284 and T 264 haul trucks. Designed and adapted from years of experience in mining truck development, Liebherr said the T 274 is a true 305-mt machine that provides fast cycle times, higher production rates, low fuel consumption, and a low cost per ton. This new truck follows the same base design as the T 284, benefitting from its decades of field experience.

Liebherr components for mining applications will also be featured at MINExpo. Among the components is the D98 diesel engine series, which is available for both Liebherr and other mining equipment manufacturers, for new and repowered machines. The V-16 engine of the D98 family, the D9816, is not only on display at the booth, but is also at the heart of the exhibited T 274 haul truck. This marks the beginning of the integration of the D98 series into Liebherr machines.

Liebherr will also debut its brand new Mining Technology Product portfolio at MINExpo. This will demonstrate the company’s interoperable and scalable approach to their equipment, technology, and service product offerings.

Modular Mining (C-7671)

Modular Mining, a Komatsu technology brand, will showcase its comprehensive real-time mine optimization solutions designed to address key mine operations, planning, machine guidance, equipment health and safety needs. Modular Mining will feature services and solutions leveraging data, innovation and people designed to deliver sustained value from our technologies and expanded value across the value chain.

The company’s booth will highlight advancements in open technology and mine optimization, along with an expanded portfolio of offerings, including DISPATCH FMS, which is designed to help mines optimize haulage cycles; ProVision Machine Guidance System, which uses satellite navigation to provide continuous guidance to operators; ProVision Guided Spotting System, which uses operator-assist functionality to help optimize the excavation load cycle; MineCare Maintenance Management System, which helps mines increase fleet uptime and availability; Modular Mining APIs, which are designed for increased openness and interoperability among third-party technologies; Argus PLM, an advanced payload management system; and the Pegasys dragline monitoring system.

Precision Pulley & Idler will demonstrate start-of-the-art technology for conveyor systems.

Precision Pulley & Idler (C-5433)

Conveyor experts from Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) will demonstrate how they can help miners save time and money by selecting the right product tailored to a mine’s specific needs.

New products from PPI include ContinuWing Technology for standard and Herringbone Wing pulleys as well as PPI Idlers with Vayeron Smart-Idler Technology. Downtime is not an option and both of these products help miners get the most life out of their conveyor components.

Extending pulley life in abrasive applications has been a challenge in the conveying industry. The new ContinuWing technology incorporates unmatched wear resistance by using chromium carbide instead of traditional mild steel or AR alloys generally used on the face of a wing. This product will dramatically extend the life expectancy of pulleys reducing costly maintenance and downtime.

A generational shift is taking place in the conveying component industry. PPI Idler rolls can be equipped with Vayeron Smart-Idler technology, offering the ability to predict and report idler failure, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. PPI is a Global Premium Partner of Vayeron, selected due to the quality of products as well as expertise in the industry. 

Along with these new offerings, PPI will also showcase existing industry-leading solutions such as the Static Shaft Pulley (SSP), conveyor covers, Pro Duty pulley, and more.

Tema Isenmann (C-5601)

Tema Isenmann will be giving away its new magnetically backed stroke gauge at MINExpo in September. “The first thing our secretary said when she saw it was neat refrigerator magnet,” said Anthony Yell, mining division manager for Tema Isenmann. “Yes, it is that as well but this simple analog device, which does not require a battery, chip or a reboot, is actually very useful.”

It’s used to measure the stroke on a vibrating screen. This is the displacement of the vibrating screen upwards and downward when in motion, Yell explained. “The size of stroke tells you whether your vibrating screen is operating correctly for the screening application,” he said. “Generally, the size of the stroke is related to the screen’s aperture — the larger the aperture, the larger the stroke required.

However, this is only part of the story. By knowing the stroke and the drive speed, the gravitational force (G-Force) can also be calculated. This is the centrifugal force generated by the excitor or vibrator motor drive applied directly to the vibrating screen. If plant engineers know the G-Force, they can check to see if the vibrating screen is operating to specification. “This is especially relevant when you pick up screening problems,” Yell said. “Often when we come across screening problems such as poor drainage, pegging or blinding etc., it is related to the G-Force being too low for the application. You can then contact your vibrating screen manufacturer and they will be able to offer advice on how to resolve the problem.

The stroke gauge can also determine if the vibrating screen is mechanically sound. “If you measure the stroke on the feed end of the vibrating screen on both sides, in a similar position, it should be the same or within around 0.02 in.,” Yell said.

“If the difference is greater than that, there is a good chance there is something mechanically wrong with the vibrating screen, such as a cracked or broken cross member, runner or maybe an isolation spring, or a failed rubber buffer. A stroke difference between the feed and discharge ends of the screen greater than 0.05 in. to 0.08 in. is quite acceptable. Anything larger than that could indicate a mechanical problem worthy of investigation.” Using this simple check daily will ensure many years of trouble-free operation.

Hexagon Mining (C-4057)

Hexagon Mining will reveal its newest technology for mining’s autonomous future. “Continued convergence and integration will mean more autonomy and eventually fully autonomous solutions from Hexagon,” said Hexagon Mining President Nick Hare. “That means one smart device ecosystem for the next generation of operator experience, enhancing operator awareness, improving reliability and addressing personal safety issues that cannot be solved by traditional independent approaches.

Miners can expect reduced complexity in ownership costs and smart data analytics to visualize data patterns above and below ground, Hare explained. “For drill and blast, it means a complete solution tailored to minimize ore loss and dilution by delivering accuracy and precision to every step of the process,” Hare said.

Hexagon will discuss its cloud-based visualization and collaboration platform, HxDR, which will deliver on the promise of a digital twin for the mine, leveraging reality capture capabilities to push the bounds of what is possible from a dynamic terrain model. The company will also be offering 15-minute tech talks at its stand.

“The ability and agility in responding quickly to adversity are a testament to Hexagon’s global reach and the depth of its multi-faceted expertise,” Hexagon Mining Chief Technology Officer Rob Daw said. “As the last 12 months have shown, when ingenuity is applied to resourcefulness, adversity can be managed and overcome. It’s why we’re excited for MINExpo and the rest of 2021.”

ESCO, a leader in GET for mining applications, will showcase its Nemisys tooth system, which has single-side lock for quick removal. They will have a cast lip system on display for electric shovels.

ESCO (C-4229)

ESCO, a Weir Group division, develops, manufactures and provides high-quality components for mining applications, which includes its Nemisys lip and ground engaging tool (GET) systems that are now available for all mining buckets. ESCO will have a dedicated area in its stand to provide insights into the full range of the Nemisys offering. The Nemisys tooth system is a field-proven performer with installations on more than 750 machines worldwide. The system features an integrated single-side lock for easier and faster removal to minimize machine downtime during maintenance cycles. The hammerless lock provides improved engagement with the nose to significantly reduce the chance of point loss and unplanned downtime.

An ESCO cable shovel cast lip with the Nemisys N3 lip system will be featured at MINExpo 2021. ESCO’s dipper lips are engineered and manufactured for maximum durability, service life and lower maintenance. They are seamless, single-piece castings, poured in a proprietary ESCO alloy formulated to provide excellent toughness and weldability. The wide range of lip profiles can match customer requirements and optimize dipper performance. ESCO lips are produced to fit either Whisler Plus or Nemisys lip systems.

An ESCO bucket for a Caterpillar 993 wheel loader with Nemisys N65 tooth system will also be on display. ESCO produces reliable, performance-driven wheel loader buckets built for the world’s most demanding mine sites. ESCO buckets are compatible with most 5-m³ (6.5-yd³) class and larger loaders.

Also on display will be one of ESCO’s newest innovations — the ToolTek system — a collaborative effort with key mining customers to provide enhanced safety for maintenance personnel during replacement of worn Nemisys points and adapters. The ToolTek system is a hydraulic crane mounted tool that is remotely operated, well out of harm’s way during replacement of worn components. New parts are pre-staged on racks conveniently positioned on the flatbed truck outfitted with the hydraulic crane. The ToolTek system is capable of locking and unlocking Nemisys GET, making installation and removal truly touchless.

ESCO will have a team of product experts on hand at MINExpo to answer questions regarding ESCO’s products and services.

Strata Worldwide (C-4413)

Strata Worlwide will showcase a selection of new technologies that complement its existing high-tech portfolio. Some of the company’s newest products that will be on center stage are Aura IQ Conveyor Health Monitoring, Private LTE cellular networks and StrataHub-Machine Digitization.

Aura IQ uses fiber optic cable to monitor the health of conveyor belt idlers to ensure that they are in stable condition. If wear and tear and potential failure are detected, the technology preemptively alerts operators and directs them to the problematic area. This predictive maintenance helps prevent part failure and belt damage which in turn reduces downtime.

Strata has secured agreements to be the preferred provider for private LTE coverage in both above and below ground operations. This dedicated network provides open bandwidth, fast data speeds and uninterrupted service.

StrataHub — Machine Digitization with Nerospec SK uses smart sensors to collect machine data during operations to provide fresh machine health information and enable optimized maintenance based on the machine’s current condition. Check the machine’s performance and utilization by streaming data directly at the machine or remotely from the cloud.

Along with these new product introductions, Strata will have a full-size emergency refuge chamber, fully equipped with DigitalBRIDGE Power-over-Ethernet for communication, monitoring, remote control and video.

Martin Engineering’s experts will be available to discuss conveyor accessories.

Martin Engineering (C-4615)

Martin Engineering will be featuring a number of innovative technologies in its booth, including the company’s new N2 Belt Cleaner Position Indicator and Automated Belt Cleaner Tensioner.  The firm will also be showcasing conveyor belt cleaners, belt cradles, conveyor sealing products, belt trackers and settling components to control bulk material loads.

In addition, visitors will find solutions such as industrial vibration and replacement motors for screening equipment, as well as the Martin Roll Gen system for generating power from a moving conveyor belt.  The wide array of products are all developed for cleaner, safer and more productive bulk material handling, according to the company.

Xylem (C-8591)

Xylem, a global water technology company, will showcase its extensive Mining Solutions portfolio at MINExpo. Working in partnership with mine operators to develop efficient water management solutions, Xylem’s mining expertise boosts the productivity, safety, reliability and sustainability of mine sites across North America and internationally.

Ken Albaugh, director of Xylem sales, rental and equipment, said, “Optimal water management in mine operations has never been more critical. We know from extensive experience to achieve this it is essential to take a holistic view of how mining operations use water — from sourcing to dewatering to treatment and reuse. By reviewing the efficiency of each aspect of an operation’s water process the system as a whole will be optimized; a system is only as efficient as each individual element. Every step from intake to reuse is part of a process that can increase productivity, lower costs and ultimately, turn mining water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.”

Albaugh, continued, “We have experienced mine water challenges firsthand — our team members are Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) trained and certified miners — so we have the know-how and portfolio to help customers solve their toughest tasks. Every mine has a distinct set of operating conditions and challenges — a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Customized water management solutions deliver better results by minimizing production downtime, lowering operating costs, enhancing performance and safety, and minimizing environmental impact — all while supporting long-term prosperity.”

“As the manufacturer, Xylem is well positioned to tailor our products to fit the customer’s specific needs. One way we identify those needs is to carry out an audit of the mine’s total water management system as a first step in boosting efficiency and safety, while reducing costs,” explained Albaugh.

Dyno Nobel (C-6027)

Dyno Nobel will be debuting its new underground wireless detonator, CyberDet I, which the company said takes mining digitalization to the next level with remote autonomous charging and blasting. The detonator allows operators to work in a safer environment during the blast loading process, according to Lauren Gorrell, marketing and branding manager. The technology also facilitates a shorter blast cycle, providing the potential to increase the number of tons mined, she added.

It will also be featuring Differential GPS, which it described as the first-ever Tagging and Hole Identification method using Differential Global Position System (DGPS). This groundbreaking technology is bringing the mining industry a step closer to autonomous blasthole identification and loading, according to Gorrell.

The company will also be featuring BlastWeb4G. Designed to reduce costs by decreasing time spent on production and development blasting in underground mining operations, BlastWeb4G is the most sophisticated centralized underground networking system on the market, Gorrell said.

Unrivaled Bulk Emulsion allows customization of the explosive energy profile to the geology in the blasthole to provide customers with safe, efficient, and effective blasting results.

DynoConsult will also be featured, which brings world-class drill and blast consultants to customers to help them meet their goals with unmatched expertise, on-site service and innovation.

Dyno Nobel provides a full range of reliable explosives products from manufacturing plants worldwide and blasting services from a distribution network.

Armored face conveyors (AFCs) from Longwall Associates seamlessly integrate with every shearer and roof support to optimize production.

Longwall Associates (N-2171)

Un-intimidated by the worst mining conditions and meeting challenges head on, Longwall Associates, Inc. has emerged as a formidable leader in the exclusive supply of wholly customized OEM and rebuilt longwall conveyor systems for coal and trona extraction. Longwall Associates conveyors comprise AFC’s, stageloaders, crushers, tail pieces and all ancillary components including sprocket assemblies and flight bars. Longwall Associates conveyor systems seamlessly integrate with every shearer and roof support to optimize production and achieve unrivaled success in a myriad of mining conditions and face lengths. During MINExpo 2021, Longwall Associates experts will be available to discuss rebuilds or OEM projects and will showcase field proven equipment installed in four countries.

Schurco Slurry says its goal is to have the lowest total cost of ownership for any slurry pump on the market.

Schurco Slurry (N-1513)

Schurco Slurry designs and manufactures heavy duty slurry pumps for the global mining industry. From humble beginnings over 40 years ago, the company’s founder Frederick Schur had a vision to offer higher quality pump products and support to an industry he saw underserved by large multinational firms. Today, his son, Nicholas Schur, is the president and owner of the company, and has continued to deliver on his father’s vision. Schurco Slurry has operations in the United States, Mexico, Africa and Australia with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and has grown to be a leading supplier of heavy-duty slurry pumps the world over.

Schurco Slurry said its pumps and replacement parts are the industry’s best source for heavy duty centrifugal slurry pumps. The company’s goal is to have the lowest total cost of ownership of any slurry pump manufacturer on the market today by offering the greatest value on capital equipment, the highest quality spare and replacement slurry pump parts and providing unmatched engineering excellence from a company that only focuses on one product: slurry pumps!

Miners can have confidence when buying from an American manufacturer such as Schurco with the quality and service expectations that go hand in hand with doing business with a family-owned, customer service oriented company. Schurco proudly manufactures parts which are fully compatible with the most popular Warman slurry pump models. With its wide range of wear materials offered for both horizontal and vertical slurry pumps, we have the right solution for your application.

While other manufacturers send jobs and quality control overseas, Schurco maintains strict product and quality control in the USA. Their all-American workforce includes master mechanics and machinists, engineers from diverse backgrounds, and a solid commitment to excellence at every level of the company. Schurco confirms their products through a variety of assessments including spectrographic testing of metallurgies, hardness testing, dimensional analysis, and fully-qualified hydraulic and fit testing.

Core to Schurco Slurry’s guiding principles are a belief that the customer should be served above all else, and any endeavor at Schurco begins and ends with a customer focus. To that end we strive to maintain readily available spare parts on all our fielded equipment, and by maintaining private family ownership have been able to keep costs down in a turbulent marketplace. Schurco Slurry pumps offer the lowest life cycle cost amongst all peers through competitively priced capital pump equipment, reasonable spare parts pricing, and material options which provide lasting wear life in all operating environments.

This mine rescue team is sporting Dräger’s PSS BG4 plus closed-circuit breathing apparatus, which provides up to 4 hours of breathing air.

Dräger (N-1837)

Miners know that Dräger pioneered safety in mining. Since 1907, Dräger has earned the trust of miners worldwide with breathing apparatuses that paved the way for a lifesaving profession: mine rescue. Around the world, mine rescuers are called Drägermen — even today.

At MINExpo 2021, visitors can experience Dräger’s latest technologies first-hand, including refuge chambers, air purifying respirators (APRs), gas detection and emergency response/mine rescue.

Dräger’s highly customizable refuge chambers protect workers by creating a safe, breathable atmosphere within a sealed room. They are designed for prolonged stay, keeping occupants safe until help arrives. The company’s APRs range from full and half face masks to powered APRs and the X-plore 1750 respirator — manufactured at Dräger’s new APR facility in Pennsylvania.

Fixed gas detectors are the first line of defense in continuously detecting poisonous gases and Dräger’s portable gas detectors protect miners wherever they go. The MSHA-approved X-am 2500 combines reliable sensor technology with long battery life and intuitive operation to accurately detect O2, CO, NO2, SO2, CH4, and H2S.

The compact, MSHA-approved X-am 5000 detector is insensitive to electromagnetic interference. It measures O2, organic vapors, combustible gases, CO, H2S, CO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, NO2, PH3, and SO2, as well as methane up to 100% volume.

The Polytron 8100, Dräger’s top-of-the-line XP transmitter, detects toxic gases or oxygen levels using a plug-and-play electrochemical DragerSensor to detect a specific gas. A range of protocols, as well as analog output with relays, make it compatible with most control systems.

Dräger has committed to protect the lives of miners by offering comprehensive, integrated escape and rescue solutions. The PSS BG4 plus closed-circuit breathing apparatus combines uncompromised safety with outstanding respiratory protection. Designed for long-term comfort, this popular system provides up to 4 hours of breathing air.

The FPS 7000 full face mask sets new standards in personal safety, protection and comfort. The mask provides a large, unobstructed field of vision and a very secure fit, with little or no fogging. Designed to connect seamlessly to the FPS 7000, the FPS-COM 5000 ensures clear communication through a tactical voice amplifier or radio — even in extreme conditions.

Matrix Design (N-2803)

Over the past year as the world economy slowed, Matrix Design Group continued to seek out opportunities to expand its product lines and services for the mining market. At MINExpo, Matrix will be introducing its full suite of new product offerings as well as displaying new functionalities, applications and accessories that have been added to its existing product lines. These solutions represent trends the company said it sees evolving in the mining industry and reflect its ability to meet both the immediate and future demands related to emerging technologies.

Increased interest in the application of data and analytics into the mining industry has driven Matrix to expand its networking, sensor and software package offerings, all of which will be on display at MINExpo. Matrix has developed — and continues to expand — a holistic networking infrastructure offering to the mining market focusing on providing both functionalities to increase production efficiencies and decision-making data analytics for mine operations.

Matrix is also making strides in the areas of proximity detection and collision avoidance in both underground and surface mining operations. It will be building on its 10-plus years of experience to introduce a new vision AI-based collision avoidance system to the mining market along with new advancements in the IntelliZone proximity detection system product suite. It will be introducing the OmniPro Vision AI-based collision avoidance system, enhanced feature sets and new components for its IntelliZone proximity detection system as well as a new mining-centric software suite.

Matrix has also expanded its product offering to address the leading causes of downtime and wasted maintenance throughout the mining industry.

The company will also be launching the U.S. branch of its Matrix Analytics service, which provides mine sites with decision-making information from operational data. The analytics services will be integrated into each of these new product lines.

Matrix Design Group LLC is a safety and productivity technology leader for mining and industrial applications. Its innovative product lines include systems for proximity detection, collision avoidance, communications and tracking, atmospheric monitoring, lighting and cameras.

AMR PEMCO’s stand will showcase the latest technology for load centers including breakers and ground-monitoring systems. The company will also have a new gas sensor.

AMR Pemco (N-3081)

“We’re going bigger than we ever have,” AMR Pemco President David Graf said of the company’s presence at MINExpo. “We thought we would go big because we felt people were going to be chomping at the bit to go to a show in person.”

In their bigger-than-ever booth, the company will feature its new “most advanced, efficient, safest mobile load center in the mining industry.” Within the load center is the CB-RRS-SST, which stands for circuit breaker, Remote Racking System with Safety Stab Technology. The company just recently received the second patent for the SST. A gold mine in Nevada has been testing the units and its official public debut will take place at MINExpo. “We’re pretty excited about that,” Graf said.

The power center is designed to prevent arc flash, a type of electrical explosion or discharge, on the safety side of things, Graf said. The SST keeps the power center up and running while troubleshooting or removing a down circuit, which significantly reduces downtime, he added.

On the electronic side, the company will feature the CB-2000, which Graf called the “latest and great circuit breaker.” The SST technology is included in the CB-2000 RRS-SST Circuit Breaker.

It will also feature its latest addition to its ground check monitoring, the GM-105-XLD, “Extra Long Distance,” impedance monitor. With an advanced 125 mA loop current, the XLD allows monitoring of cable lengths of up to 6.5 kilometers (km). The higher current loop provides more tolerance to connections or inline couplers, which can cause an increase in the resistance of the pilot circuit. In addition to ground check monitoring, the GM-105-XLD includes ground-fault monitoring for resistance-grounded systems.  It continuously monitors the integrity of the ground wire to protect portable equipment from hazardous voltages caused by ground faults.

They will also feature their new gas sensor. This new sensor is special because it is wireless and can monitor up to four gases, Graf said.

Fletcher’s MRS provides additional roof support for pillar recovery and longwall operations.

J.H. Fletcher (N-2603)

Fletcher will showcase an 800-ton capacity Mobile Roof Support (MRS) designed to increase pillar recovery rates in retreat operations, and improve gate road protection in longwall entries. Radio-controlled units normally work in two pairs. When utilizing a set of Fletcher MRS, customers can expect reduction in exposure to: injuries associated with lifting and setting timbers, roof and rib falls, and hazards associated with unexpected caving. Optional tilting lemniscate and roof support assembly accommodate uneven seam conditions.

An additional display will feature Fletcher’s wet dust tank assembly. This dust collection system is available on new equipment, as well as a retrofit kit for existing equipment. Also featured will be both a wet and dry drillhead, as well as Fletcher’s Octalock twist-lock socket adapter. This adapter is an optional attachment to the drillhead to aid in a more stabilized roof bolting application. The design allows for a more secure fit for the drill steel through the hexagon shaped opening to help prevent bent steel during the drilling process. The Octalock provides a faster transition between the drill steel and bolt resulting in a more efficient bolting application When extracting the drill steel from the strata, the Octalock will create a more stabilized retreat of the drill steel providing a safer work environment for the operator.



Innovative Wireless Technologies (S-25220)

In booth 25220 in the South Hall, Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) will showcase the Wireless Gas Monitor and SENTINEL Uniti Node. “These two devices further enhance our comprehensive SENTINEL communications and data networks as we push forward to provide the global mining industry with truly wireless solutions,” said Gary Sergent, senior director, sales and marketing, IWT.

“Visitors should ask us about the benefits of using a fully wireless underground network to reduce risk to personnel, lower maintenance costs, and increase production output,” he said. “IWT also excels in providing unique engineered solutions to challenging problems. If any mine has experienced problems they could not find a way to resolve, we invite them to speak with us about what it is they wish to accomplish.”

The supplier hopes the show provides the opportunity to reconnect with friends and customers. “We have a new, larger booth and an interactive mine user experience so visitors can get a better understanding of our various product lines for both coal and hard rock mining,” Sergent said.

“We will have more staff than ever before available for group or one-on-one conversations,” he said. “We invite all attendees to visit us.”

The supplier reported it plans multiple new releases in 2022. “We remain committed to helping existing and new customers achieve their operational goals as they face increasing pressure to meet environmental, political, and global demands,” Sergent said. “The alarming increase in U.S. mining fatalities this year has motivated us to show even more mining groups the ways that we can help their operations improve.”

Voith Turbo (N-2069)

The theme for drive specialist Voith Turbo for MINExpo 2021 is ‘Empowering mining intelligence.’ The company will be showcasing its BeltGenius family of digital products for the monitoring, benchmarking and optimization of belt conveyors and conveying systems; Dtect, a real-time torque limiting coupling monitoring system that can assist in increasing overall driveline performance, while reducing maintenance costs; the TurboBelt TPXL coupling line; the SmartSet process improving coupling with controlled slip; and the SafeSet EZi torque limiting coupling with instant release which protects chain drive lines from catastrophic failure in the event of a chain break.

“Increasing production output, reducing consumables, and improving energy and resource efficiency within mining operations is our over-arching goal,” Maike Bechtel, Business Development Expert at Voith Turbo, told Coal Age. “From belt conveyors through to armored-face conveyors, we work closely with mine owners and equipment operators, ensuring they are empowered to make data-driven decisions for optimal operational performance.

“Our key start-up components are engineered to the highest standards, characterized by minimal maintenance and low wear with a mean time between failure (MTBF) that sets the benchmark in the mining industry. Also, we provide complete drive and control solutions, our broad portfolio of fluid couplings for demanding belt conveyor drives can be customized to your requirements.”

Voith Service representatives will also be present to discuss their offering. The team provides customized service packages and a high degree of know-how for a range of equipment including belt conveyors, armored-face conveyors, mills, presses, shredders, crushers, rolling mills, blowers, fans, and generators.

Richwood (S-24233)

Richwood will be featuring a complete dust containment system for use in transfer areas at its booth at MINExpo. The Air-Stop Box Check System uses a “passive” system that contains material throughout the length of the conveyor transfer using a chambered design to reduce air velocity and airborne dust from material free fall. This allows dust particles to settle back into the material stream before leaving the containment area.

Traditional methods include water or chemical spray suppressors or vacuum dust collection. Each of these has their own drawbacks, including increased moisture content in the material and maintaining a vacuum system.

A well-designed, application specific Material Containment System can provide measurable efficiency through a passive dust containment system that requires little to no maintenance.

Safety First

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), Nevada requires meetings, trade show and entertainment venues to certify through the state’s Department of Business and Industry that they will follow the state’s health and safety requirements and protocols and adhere to the prevention principles that have remained consistent: maintain safe social distancing, wear face coverings, and practice good hygiene and cleaning measures.

“Las Vegas has been the top convention and meetings destination for many years. We pride ourselves on providing the best facilities, the best service and now, the safest,” Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said. “We’ve been cautious, but very focused on reopening Las Vegas in the safest way possible for you, our treasured customers, our valued employees and our entire community. With great confidence in the efforts made by our resorts, convention centers and meeting hosts, I say… welcome back! The greatest place to do business in the world is even better.”

The LVCC has a similarly safety-focused approach, having been awarded the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR facility accreditation by ISSA, the world’s leading trade association for the cleaning industry and considered the gold standard for safe facilities. In addition to their accreditation and the convention industry’s All Secure measures, Las Vegas resort partners also continue to meet and exceed guidelines mandated by state and county leaders and health officials with a comprehensive approach to implementing stringent “Vegas Smart” health and wellness protocols throughout the destination.