A coalfield with an estimated 7-billion-metric-ton (mt) reserve has been discovered in western Canada, containing what’s believed to be the world’s single largest metallurgical coal deposit, officials at Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc. (CDI) have announced. CDI chief engineer Vincent Li said analytical data indicates that the reserve lies in a 150-sq-km area at a depth of 1,000 m; 50% of the formation is believed to be high-quality met coal. Located in the Wapiti river area in northeast British Columbia, it would surpass the previously largest recorded coalfield, Mongolia’s Tavan Tolgoi, which possesses 1.8 billion mt of coking coal within its 6.5 billion mt of reserves. The statistics came from months of studies by Golder & Associates, Snowden and China’s Shandong Geological Exploration and Research Institute. CDI was established in 2004 in Vancouver to explore and mine coal, iron ore and other minerals.