To manage ongoing demand for Hunter Valley coal and honor long-term coal export contracts recently signed by PWCS and Hunter Valley coal producers, the expansion work will add another 20 million metric tons (mt) to PWCS’ nameplate capacity.  The works are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011 in order for PWCS to meet its contractual obligation of handling 123.6 million mt in 2012. Feasibility, procurement and preliminary engineering work for this expansion have been under way since mid-2008.
Works will include:
•    A new 330-m coal loading berth (known as K7), and associated dredging;
•    The extension of two key coal stockpiling pads (where coal is stored ahead of being conveyed and loaded onto vessels);
•    The replacement of two coal stacking machines (machines that stack coal into piles on the stockpiling pads);
•    The deconstruction of redundant stackers; and
•    New coal conveying equipment.
The expansion is the largest single advance in terms of capacity addition and expenditure at PWCS in more than 10 years and the biggest in a long line of ongoing infrastructure expansion programs.