Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) was reported as saying it was “considering all options” as the state’s temporary coal cap is set to expire at the start of July 2024. In December 2022, it imposed domestic coal allocation and a price cap on several NSW coal operators that supply thermal coal domestically for power generation.

The move followed the federal government’s introduction of a 12-month price limit on domestic coal of $81 per metric ton (mt) in NSW and Queensland to lower domestic energy prices.

“We want to make sure our three policy points — our coal system, our royalty system and our support for households in providing relief for their electricity budgets with the expiry of the coal caps in June next year — work together,” Finance and Natural Resources Minister Courtney Houssos said. “When we returned to Parliament in December to vote for the coal caps legislation, the government, then Minister Toole, and the now shadow minister for Natural Resources all supported that legislation, which remains in place until FY 2023-2024. We stand by our election commitments and take them seriously.”