Poland-based coal producer JSW has reported a 40% drop in output after it reduced the number of shifts and many miners remained at home because of the coronavirus outbreak. Poland implemented a number of restrictions on citizens to combat the virus, but the mining sector has continued working to provide fuel for the country’s power needs and steel industry.

A spokesman for state-run JSW said the group introduced measures to reduce infection risk for its 30,000 workers. Miners have their temperature checked before they start work and the number of workers in mineshafts, shower facilities and change houses have been reduced. Absence levels, however, have exceeded 30% and are comparable with holiday seasons.

JSW is also ready to separate some of its key workers so they can live temporarily on mine premises to ensure production remains stable above minimum requirements. “This is just one of our options; we are prepared for many scenarios. Everything depends on how the situation develops. It is important not to start such procedures too early,” the spokesman said.

Despite the fall in production, the company said it can fulfil contractual orders thanks to high stockpiles.