“We see that the situation in the sector remains difficult,” said DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko. “Delivery of anthracite from the anti-terrorist operation zone remains constrained, debts due to whole thermal power generation are already more than [$425 million], while the tariffs set do not cover cost of thermal power production. DTEK’s miners and power sector workers have been stretched to the limit trying to stabilize the operation of the United Energy System of Ukraine to prevent the repetition of rolling blackouts.”

“Unfortunately, only the current situation has made Ukraine realize that the development of the national energy sector is the only way to ensure the country’s energy security and independence,” said Timchenko.

The processing of run-of-mine coal dropped by 45.2% to 4.7 million mt and, consequently, production of clean coal decreased by 50.2% to 2.8 million mt.

The mines in the Donbass have decreased production by 83.8%, or 3.9 million mt. The mines are underutilized as the destroyed infrastructure in Donbass region constrains the delivery of all required materials and equipment for mining operations and shipping coal. About 2.45 million mt of coal remain stockpiled.