Morien Resources Corp.  provided an update on the Donkin coal mine in Nova Scotia, which is owned and operated by Kameron Collieries LLC, upon which Morien has a 2% to 4% royalty interest.

On September 27, 2023, the Nova Scotia Department of Labor, Skills and Immigration (DOL), the province’s regulator for the Mine, announced that an independent engineer has been contracted by DOL, via a 30-day contract, to complete a technical review of the Donkin mine. This review is actively underway.

Morien said it welcomes this effort by DOL to bring resolution to a 75-day Stop-Work Order at Donkin for a roof fall incident that occurred on July 15, 2023, that was subsequently ameliorated by Kameron on July 27 and where no workers were injured, nor any equipment damaged.

The roof fall occurred in one of Donkin’s two access tunnels, which were installed at Donkin in the late 1980s by DEVCO, a former federal Crown corporation. In keeping with Kameron’s safety protocols, it made a proactive decision to implement a comprehensive remediation program which included extensive roof bolting over the full length of the 3.5-km-long access tunnel to safeguard against future falls. That program commenced on July 19 and ended on July 27.