During a presentation at a Port of Sydney, Nova Scotia, conference in late May, Kameron Vice President Ed Griffith said the company is committed to developing a world-class mining operation at Donkin. Kameron envisions a 30-year life for Donkin and is constructing a prep plant to wash the mine’s coal. Cline/Kameron are confident that Donkin’s coal will be in top demand, in both steam and metallurgical markets. The reserves are of high quality, averaging at least 13,500 Btu/lb and 1.5% to 2% sulfur, with ash content of only 3.5% after washing.

Kameron is counting on the new prep plant to strengthen Donkin’s argument for use by Nova Scotia Power (NSP), the Maritime province’s dominant electric utility. NSP’s 600-megawatt Lingan power plant is considered a likely domestic destination for Donkin coal.

At the site, work continues on a conveyor belt to haul the coal to the surface, and tunnel rehabilitation is scheduled for completion by the end of summer. The first continuous miner unit is targeted for startup by the end of the year, with the mine expanding to a two-unit operation by mid-2017.