The incriminated acts described in the resolution had occurred at the time when its protagonists were owners of MUS. The charges had resulted from a social pressure and were illegal. The privatization of MUS has been investigated by the Swiss authorities since 2005 on suspicion of financial machinations. The Swiss prosecutor’s office has charged seven people over the case. Last year, the Swiss prosecutor filed a lawsuit against seven people, former managers of the MUS and the Appian Group. They are six Czechs and one Belgian. In mid-April, however, the Swiss court returned the file to the prosecutor for gathering further evidence. The Czech Republic has failed to join the Swiss criminal proceedings due to delays and sluggishness on the part of the Czech authorities. The Czech Republic is in the position of an aggrieved party. It will attend further proceedings and it has prepared a civilian action to file.

The Czech Republic lost billions of crowns in the MUS shares transactions.