Canada exported 2.36 million metric tons (mt) of coking coal in May, down 2.8% on the year, as strong demand from Asia helped offset reductions in deliveries to Poland and Brazil, according to Statistics Canada. Japan continued to be the largest recipient of Canadian coking coal in May, with 660,654 mt shipped, an increase of 23.1% year-over-year. India was the second-largest recipient, with 473,209 mt, down by 13.7%, following a strong April, when shipments to India rose by 35.2% on the year. Exports to South Korea were at 466,462 mt in May, up by 4.3%. And exports to China rose by 9.3% to 182,825 mt, nearly doubling on the year in April to 521,044 mt.

There were no shipments to Poland in May, compared with 118,667 mt in the same month last year. Exports to Brazil fell by 52.3% to 72,828 mt.

Canada’s overall coking coal exports totaled 12.6 million mt in January-May, down by 1.3% on the year.