DRA Global (DRA) has won its second major contract on the Carmichael Project, delivering the $140 million coal preparation plant, where the coal is processed and prepared for transport.

Bravus Mining and Resources CEO David Boshoff said DRA was known for its exceptional service to the Australian resources sector, and previous work on the Carmichael Project has demonstrated their experience and capability. DRA employs more than 700 people in Mackay.

“Mackay is renowned for its well-established mining services industry and it has always been our intention to engage services from regional Queensland wherever possible,” Boshoff said.

“DRA will carry out the design, engineering and construction of our coal preparation plant, in addition to the coal handling plant that they are already delivering. We expect to see more than 250 people working on these combined projects on-site, ensuring regional Queensland cities like Mackay see the benefits going back into their local economies.”

Boshoff said the coal handling plant and the coal preparation plant work together to prepare and process the coal to meet market specifications.

“The coal handling plant resizes the coal and the coal preparation plant processes the coal to meet final product quality requirements. In doing so, the finished product is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly,” Boshoff said.

“It is these facilities that will see Carmichael coal become some of the better-quality coal from around the world.”

DRA Global CEO Andrew Naude said it was pleased to be involved in such a critical project.

“DRA is delighted to have been awarded an additional major contract on the Carmichael project and to be able to continue creating employment opportunities and supporting the Central Queensland region,” Naude said.