Anti-Putin partisans in Russia apparently sabotaged a coal train in Khakassia, East Siberia, resulting in more than 100 meters of railway tracks being destroyed and 15 train wagons derailed, according to the Kiev Post. The incident occurred at around noon on September 1 on the 12-km railway between Vuglezbirn and Karasuk, Interfax-Siberia reported.

The coal wagons operated by the SUEK-Khakasia LLC branch derailed in the area of the Uglezbirna station in Chornohorsk, with the railway track being destroyed. Responsibility for the act of sabotage was placed simply on ‘Russian partisans’ and announced on the anti-Putin Telegram channel ‘Rozpartisan.’

SUEK said the incident will not affect the stability of coal shipments for the region. The Siberian Generating Co. (SGC) is the largest thermal energy producer beyond the Urals and produces a quarter of the electricity of the Siberian power system.