“This is a great opportunity for VISA Steel to partner with SunCoke, known for its operating and technological expertise, to grow the coke business,” said Vishambhar Saran, chairman, VISA Steel. “The demand for coke from large and medium size steel producers has been increasing substantially and there is a potential to grow the coke business on a standalone basis.”

“We are pleased to partner with VISA Steel, a company with strong leadership in the steel and coke industry, to grow our international footprint and establish a coke-making presence in India,” said Fritz Henderson, chairman and CEO, SunCoke Energy, Inc. “We believe the coke industry in India is a key market that offers us attractive growth opportunities.”

SunCoke Energy is the largest independent producer of metallurgical coke in the Americas, with 50 years of experience supplying coke to the integrated steel industry. Its advanced, heat recovery coke-making process produces high-quality coke, captures waste heat for derivative energy resale, and meets or exceeds environmental standards. The company has coke-making facilities in the U.S. and Brazil.