The highest honor presented by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Reclamation, the award was given at the annual Indiana Society of Mining and Reclamation, Technology Transfer Seminar in Evansville, Indiana.

“Peabody is honored to receive this award,” said Peabody Energy President – Americas Kemal Williamson. “We take pride in sustaining the land’s natural resources and know the value restoration has for our communities and generations to come.”

Williamson said Peabody has been reclaiming lands for decades and led the industry’s first land restoration initiatives in the 1950s, nearly a quarter century before the law required it.

To date, the company has reclaimed more than 95% of the mined acreage at Viking mine – Knox Pit, which is advancing through final reclamation. Viking is the third Peabody Indiana mine in eight years to be recognized by the state’s Society of Mining Reclamation.