Twentymile, located near Steamboat Springs, recorded a safety record of 1.03 over last year, logging a total of 777,868 man hours. It is the third consecutive time the mine has received an honor for its safety performance, and the fifth President’s Award it has earned; it also received the award in 2005, 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Peabody officials said that Twentymile’s employees have helped drive the best global safety results in Peabody’s 132-year history.

“Twentymile has earned its reputation as the state’s largest coal mine that is perennially among the safest in the industry,” Peabody Energy-Americas President Kemal Williamson said. “To consistently achieve results of this caliber, our employees must focus on safety each and every day.”

Pat Sollars, general manager of operations at Twentymile, credited the Colorado team’s success to strong safety values and commitment and said that strong communication, looking out for one another and innovative ideas are hallmarks of the mine’s safety culture.

“Our team is dedicated to best practice in safety performance. We constantly seek innovative solutions to eliminate risk, and for Twentymile employees, safety is not a statistic; it is a way of life,” he said.

Twentymile employs 335 full-time workers and injects more than $182 million into its regional economy annually.

Globally, Peabody confirmed it achieved a 1.44 safety incidence rate per 200,000 hours worked.