The longwall operation currently holds the record for winning the award amongst Peabody’s underground mines. Previous recognition came for the best underground safety performance in 2005, 2010 and 2012.

Peabody Energy Americas President Kemal Williamson said that Twentymile has shown an excellent example of a long-term commitment to excellence in safety. “To achieve results of this caliber two years in a row, our employees must focus on safety each and every day. I am very proud of their achievement and commitment to safety,” he said.

Additionally, strong communication, looking out for one another and innovative ideas are hallmarks of the safety culture at Twentymile, according to Pat Sollars, general manager of operations at Twentymile, who credited the Colorado team’s success to strong safety values and commitment.

“Safety is more than a priority at Twentymile, it is a value,” he said. “Our workforce is continuously evaluating and implementing innovative solutions to improve safety systems. For Twentymile employees, safety is not a statistic; it is a way of life.”

Globally in 2013, Peabody achieved a 1.87 safety incidence rate per 200,000 hours worked, tying the 2012 safety record, which was the best in the company’s 131-year history.