SunCoke Energy, Inc. (SXC) reported total coke production of 5.6 million tons for 2023. “We continued to advance our foundry business by completing a foundry coke expansion project and expanding our market participation,” said Katherine Gates, president, SXC. “The extension of our Indiana Harbor coke contract with Cleveland-Cliffs for an additional 12 years positions our largest coke plant favorably for the future.”

SXC’s 2023 domestic coke sales totaled 4 million tons, which was about the same as 2022. The company’s domestic coke production facilities include the Jewell, Indiana Harbor, Haverhill, Granite City, and Middletown plants. For 2024, the company said it expects to sell 4.1 million tons.

SXC reported a decrease in tonnage of coal and other aggregates handled at its Convent Marine, Lake, and Kanawha River terminals. In 2023, the terminals moved 20.5 million tons compared to 22.3 million tons in 2022.

In Brazil, SXC reported a little less than 1.6 million tons of coke production for 2023, which was also about the same as 2022. SunCoke operates a coke-making facility in Vitória for an affiliate of ArcelorMittal.