According to the TASS News Agency, Russia will supply 500,000 metric tons (mt) of coal to Ukraine per month. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that Moscow would supply another 500,000 mt/m if an additional agreement is reached. Ukraine’s normal winter stocks of coal are around 4.5 million mt, but current reserves stand at 1.5 million mt, according to energy ministry data.

Months of fighting a pro-Russian uprising have disrupted coal supplies to thermal power plants in the country, which generated around 40% of its power before the conflict, when Ukraine used to be self-sufficient in terms of energy supplies.

Kozak said coal supplies would be shipped at Russian domestic prices, adding that he hoped the move would help ensure reliable energy supplies to Crimea, an apparent veiled threat to Kiev, which has previously suspended Crimea’s energy supplies. Kozak did not say whether the transportation hold-ups at the border had been resolved, but did say that in addition to coal, Russia would also supply electricity to Ukraine, but did not give supply volumes.