“This is our first on-line Runge Professional Development course and it is a great alternative for our growing number of customers who, for various reasons like remoteness and travel costs, cannot attend a classroom-based course or who may prefer a learning environment where they can progress their learning at their own pace in an interactive manner,” said Gary Gibson, global training manager, Runge.

“Businesses require flexible and effective learning solutions to keep pace with the global dynamic business world of mining,” Gibson said. “Learning solutions need to include processes and technologies that provide access to training and development for the business as well as knowledge management and performance support systems.” With this framework in place, Gibson explained, the training provided can be focused, workflow-specific and in the “right place, right time, right amount” mode.

Blended learning solutions integrate e-learning methods (such as online delivery, discussion boards and e-mail) with traditional instructor-led methods (including lectures, in-person discussions, seminars or tutorials). By using this blended approach to learning, up skilling of staff can take on a more ‘holistic’ and structured approach rather than being a one-off, random occurrence. Some learning models extend the traditional parameters of blended learning to include virtual online classrooms, self paced, print-based training, internet-delivered training, mobile training, and mentoring or informal training via a community of practice. The courseware can be provided in a TaaS (Training as a Service) mode as a fully hosted service globally or installed within mining organizations’ existing LMS (Learning Management System). Irrespective of the model adopted, its function is to deliver, at the moment of need, the knowledge and training that is directly linked to performance improvement for mining professionals and people wishing to enter or interface with the mining and resources industry worldwide.