The PRB Coal Users’ Group changed its name to the American Coal Users’ Group (ACUG). This is a major move for an organization that leveraged its affiliation with the Powder River Basin (PRB) mines and the utilities that burned that coal.

“The change in focus needed to happen given the market challenges of today,” said Johnny Howze III, vice president supply chain management, gas, generation and shared services for Southern Co. “Coal in our energy mix is declining, but not gone yet.”

Despite this tepid endorsement, the ACUG said it will continue to provide value to its members by promoting resources that encourage safety, reliability, education, innovation, awareness, and a “sense of community” as it relates to the use of coal. The group said it will accomplish its new mission in several ways, beginning with a symposium that coincides with the Electric Power conference, which takes place April 14-17, 2020, in Denver, Colorado.