El Segundo’s Roy Jones also was honored with a Rescue Response Award as first-on-the-scene to render aid at a non-mining accident that occurred in Albuquerque last April involving a vehicle rollover.

Jones, a relief supervisor and member of El Segundo’s Mine Rescue Team, evaluated injuries for the two individuals involved and stabilized a spinal injury until paramedics arrived. While the accident initially caused partial paralysis, today the individual is walking unaided.

“Leadership in safety is our first value and starts with each one of us,” said Peabody President – Americas Kemal Williamson. “We are extremely proud of the team at El Segundo for living our safety values. We also recognize Roy for inspiring all of us with quick, lifesaving actions that prevented further injury and enabled a positive recovery from a serious accident. His actions truly embody the spirit of safety as a way of life.”

Peabody’s New Mexico operations have a long history of excellence in safety and also were honored as the Safe Operator of the Year in 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Earlier this summer, El Segundo’s Mine Rescue Team earned first place overall and three first place honors in safety events at the Tri-State Firemen’s Association Competition, which involved training and competing with professional firefighters.

Peabody’s El Segundo mine employs approximately 200 workers.