The module, which includes an SOP for investigations of incidents, focuses on collaboration and communication of relevant safety and health information shared via open, transparent and frequent communications.

It also outlines responsibilities for ensuring all individuals working or traveling on mining properties have an effective means of communication with their appropriate point of contact or with other parties or equipment.

The SOP resource highlights that all personnel on mine sites shall be instructed to ensure an effective means of communicating exists at all times while on mining property.

Additionally, it said:

  • The effective means of communications can be face-to-face, radio, cell phone or other means as outlined in this procedure or determined by supervisors or points of contact.
  • All teams or groups of contractor personnel must have an effective way to communicate with their points of contact while they are on property.
  • All communication devices must be accessible to all members of a team or group and the location of that device must be known to all team or group members.

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