The mining group provided positive feedback on the dozer simulator’s visual and handling realism, together with its range of training capabilities. ResCo’s Labour and Training Executive Group Manager Darren Culley had the opportunity to test the Cat D11T dozer simulator at the User Group Forum. “The realistic feel and exceptional depth perception of Immersive’s D11T simulator is very similar to the real machine. I have no doubt this training tool will revolutionize the way the mining industry trains people on dozers, especially for its ability to safely and efficiently replicate the tasks required to operate a dozer,” said Culley, an experienced surface mining operator and trainer.

Immersive Technologies’ simulated Caterpillar D11T dozer builds upon the company’s existing D11R dozer module which to date has been deployed to mining companies and contractors in 13 countries around the world since its launch in 2003. This latest D11T dozer simulator combines working controls and instrumentation from the real machine, including the Advisor Monitoring System, which operates exactly the same as the system in the real machine.