The seven coal mines that received letters are:

  • Marfork Coal Co. Inc.’s Parker Peerless Mine in Raleigh County, W.Va.
  • Pay Car Mining Inc.’s No. 58 Mine in McDowell County, W.Va.
  • Pine Ridge Coal Co. LLC’s Big Mountain No. 16 in Boone County, W.Va.
  • Rio Group Inc.’s Coalburg No. 2 Mine in Logan County, W.Va.
  • Nine Mile Mining Inc.’s No. 3 Mine in Wise County, Va.
  • Manalapan Mining Co. Inc.’s RB No. 12 in Harlan County, Ky.
  • Big Ridge Inc.’s Willow Lake Portal in Saline County, Ill.

In addition to the eight mines receiving PPOV notices, other mines are still under PPOV consideration. These include mines for which MSHA is verifying self-reported injury information to ensure it is accurate and thereby confirm that the operators do not meet the PPOV screening criteria. Following the initial screening conducted in October 2010, MSHA issued PPOV notices at four additional mines after audits revealed those mines had not accurately reported injury data.