Earlier this year, Lighthouse secured total ownership of Millennium Bulk Terminals-Longview in Washington. Until that 44-million-ton-per-year export complex is complete and online, however, its tonnage will run through Westshore.

Officials said the deal with Morrow, which would have been the first facility to ship the company’s PRB coal to Asia, was terminated due to delays.

“We are very excited to commence supplying our South Korean customers with the coal they’ve sought,” Lighthouse President and CEO Everett King said. “South Korea has one of the cleanest, most efficient coal-fired electrical generation fleets on the planet. Our ability to now ship to our customers in Asia allows us to achieve our short-term goals while we continue to focus on further long-term growth at Millennium.”

The company has not disclosed how much coal it will ship to its Asian customers, but noted that demand for export coal there remains high, about 1 billion tons annually according to federal data, with the U.S. supplying less than 2% of that total.

Lighthouse, formerly known as Ambre Energy, operates the Decker mine in Montana and the Black Butte operation in Wyoming.