JENNCHEM has reached an agreement with Quaker Chemical granting JENNCHEM exclusive distribution rights for Quaker’s mining ground-control agents. An affiliate of JENNMAR, JENNCHEM designs and delivers chemical roof support, rock stabilization and ventilation sealing products to the mining and underground construction industries. Quaker is a global provider of process fluids, chemical specialties, and technical expertise to a wide range of industries.

Specific products that will be branded JENNCHEM and exclusively distributed under the agreement include JENNCHEM PUR 70 (Minetech PUR 70), a two-component polyurethane product intended for ground stabilization and consolidation of fractured or unstable strata; JENNCHEM US Foam (Minetech Foamsil), a rapid reacting silicate foam system used for cavity filling applications; JENNCHEM US Grout (Minetech Aquasil), a two-component silicate injection resin used for ground consolidation, water stopping and strata reinforcement; and JENNCHEM J-FOAM (Minetech Q-Foam), a low-pressure spray polyurethane foam system.

“Together, we will be collaborating on innovative chemical solutions for ground control and ventilation products as well as providing superior service to our customers,” said Tony Calandra, executive vice president, JENNMAR. “This agreement will surely be an added benefit to the mining industry.”

Managing the JENNCHEM/Quaker alliance will be Quaker’s Jim Magro and JENNCHEM COO Fred Stafford. Brian Czartoski, lead chemical applicator with JENNCHEM, will be driving customer service and product enhancements.