Bay Shore, which provided 136 megawatts (MW), will close by October 2020. Sammis’ units collectively represent 720 MW of capacity and will be retired in May 2020; remaining units 5-7 will continue to generate a capacity of 1,490 MW.

FirstEnergy, which cited challenging market conditions for the decision, said the impacted facilities contributed about 4% of its production last year.

No job reductions are expected at either plant. FirstEnergy officials said it will work with any potential buyer about the continued employment of Bay Shores’ 78 employees or, if it is ultimately deactivated, provide other opportunities at its facilities. Sammis currently employs 368.

“We have taken a number of steps in recent years to reduce operating costs of our generation fleet,” said FirstEnergy Generation President Jim Lash. “However, continued challenging market conditions have made it increasingly difficult for smaller units like Bay Shore and Sammis units 1-4 to be competitive. It’s no longer economically viable to operate these facilities.”

The closures are subject to review by PJM Interconnection.