EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt (L) speaks with members of the Congressional Coal Caucus in the U.S. Capitol.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt met with the Congressional Coal Caucus on Monday, May 22 and carried with him the message from President Donald Trump that the war on coal is over. Pruitt also highlighted many of the changes that have been made from the last administration including Trump’s executive order on energy independence, which calls for a review of the Clean Power Plan (CPP).

Following the order, Pruitt sent a letter informing governors that the EPA does not expect the states to dedicate resources to comply with the CPP, a rule that has been stayed by the Supreme Court of the United States.

On the same day Pruitt visited the Harvey Mine, the EPA announced its decision to review the final rule that amends the effluent limitations guidelines and standards for the steam electric power generating category under the Clean Water Act (ELG Rule), which has been estimated to cost $480 million per year and has a reported average cost of $1.2 billion per year during the first five years of compliance.

“The war on coal is over,” Pruitt said after meeting with the Congressional Coal Caucus. “Those that generate energy across America are doing so with a commitment to being pro-environment and pro-growth. The days of having to choose between those two things are over. This administration says we can and we will achieve both a healthy environment and a growing economy.”

These changes in policy and the new attitude at the EPA have been welcomed by members of Congress and the Congressional Coal Caucus.

“After eight years of devastating attacks on the coal industry from the Obama administration, it is a great relief to have a leader like Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA. He understands that we can protect our air, land, and water without picking winners and losers in our economy,” said Congressman David McKinley (WV). “In our meeting with Administrator Pruitt, he articulated his vision to pursue environmentally friendly policies that won’t attack the tens of thousands of coal miners who work so hard to power this great country. We are grateful for his willingness to work with our caucus and we look forward to strengthening our partnership on a wide range of issues that impact the coal industry.”